Playstation early developments and prototypes

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Year Walk is an adventure horror game for iOS devices. It has received many positive reviews and from the messages I’ve received about this game, it really messes with your mind.

A year walk is a pseudo pagan ritual in which people venture into deep, dark forests to catch a glimpse of their future.  

The game begins with an unnamed protagonist visiting his lover, Stina. She warns the player about the dangers of year walking, saying that her cousin had died while engaging in the activity.

The player then returns home, and awakens at night to begin his walk. Throughout his walk, the player will encounter and overcome supernatural beings, overcoming them through the completion of puzzles. (Official Website)

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Xbox UK Magazine #3, May 2002 - Crash Bandicot: Wrath of Cortex review!

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This is all I do now. 

Make pixel fallout.


Bryan’s Horde Hunting Shiny Guide

Here is my latest guide to help you guys get more Shiny Pokemon. Any questions, feel free to ask me. Enjoy and Good Luck! :)

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Fallout 3 advertisements in the Washington DC metro, 2008

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So, basically Kill La Kill is like Sonic Adventure 2

How did they get away with this

oh my god

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Destiny sounds like density and density is mass, Mass Effect. real original bungie

Among The Ripples is cute and fun.

Spyro 2 Ripto’s Rage // Gateway to Glimmer
Breeze Harbor

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